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Our warehouses system (including both bonded warehouses and general warehouses), with an area of 7,000~11,000 square meters near Danang port, VFracht Danang are ready to meet your demands in storing, delivery, transportation and distribution, tallying, stuffing, un-stuffing, loading, unloading, arranging cargoes through our nation-wide system of transportation and warehouses. We have gained the trust of many partners in term of applying technology effectively into logistics management for our warehouses system.

Container depot:


With our modern cranes, professional management, safe and convenient location, VFracht Danang's container depot (with an area of 11,000 square meters), we are managing and providing repairing, checking, lifting on/ off services for many shipping lines operating in Vietnam such as Yangming, Cosco, Heung-A and Bien Dong Shipping.

With our Total Logistics services: we take shape in a logistics service that certainly satisfies various demands of clients.


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